We specialise in producing creative videos for the food and drinks industry. Take a browse through some of our latest work below.

Monkey Shoulder Whiskey


Reyka Vodka


The Essence of Whisky: Glenfiddich uncovers an olfactory wonder | Glenfiddich / WIRED Partnership. Full Article HERE and the short version on Facebook HERE

Three delicious Amaretto Cocktails made with Disaronno in aid of National Amaretto Day, April 19th. Watch and see how easy they are to make. On Ice, The Godfather and the notorious Disaronno Sour. 

Tia Maria Coffee Project, recipe video (1 of 4) promoting London Cocktail Week. 

Introducing Edinburgh's most entertaining bar- Hoot The Redeemer.

Documentation video of the London event Best Of Britannia. 

William Grant & Sons "Winner Takes All" Cocktail Competition.  Released on Facebook HERE.

What happens when you give a chainsaw to a bartender?                                                                   

William Grant & Sons Welcome to Scotland Party - Tales On Tour Edinburgh. Released HERE

Nine teams, five games and far too much fun. Darth, you loose again. Originally posted HERE.

The second in our series of 7 for Disaronno this one was filmed at The Blind Pig

1 of 7 videos made for Disaronno. For this one we were lucky enough to film at Mash London

The worlds first ever 24 hour cocktail competition! A record breaker and quite a long night...