I have to confess, we are a bit obsessed with video here at Idle Productions so we find it hard to say no when an interesting project comes our way (or pops into our heads...). This is why we have been known to 'experiment' with subjects that don't fall into the food and drink category... Here you will find some examples of projects we are proud to have produced. 


Fan music video for Dam Funk track "When I'm With U I Think Of Her". Recently found by the Dam Funk himself and reposted by Stones Throw Records.

Official music video for Tripp Hazard- Cross Your Heart. Watch out for that butter! 

Homage production for the track 'What Can I Do' (Donnie Elbert) sung by Bobby Marchan, recorded in 1963 for Volt/Stax Records. 


Emotive piece for Otto London the luxury poncho makers.

Promo video for book 'Art and Beauty' by Lan Nguyen-Grealis.

Behind the scenes video of Beau Coops 'Fast Times' photo shoot at Disciple Productions' Studio.   

'Anarchy Rules' Fashion Shoot for Tinsel Tokyo featuring Pam Hogg. Music by Spektrum 'Sugar Bowl' (Mish Mash Remix)

Behind the scenes video for Beau Coops photo shoot at Disciple Productions' Studio

Website header videos for Finery London