Event documentation is not just about making a record of the day- "we did this and then that and there was a cute dog...", it's about capturing THE ESSENCE OF THE DAY. Peoples attention spans are pretty short these days so you gotta get to the point before they scroll on by...

A good event video should make the viewers wish they were there. A great event video will make them scour the internet to find out when the next one is happening!

Luckily for you, making GREAT VIDEO is what we do and as experts in the field we will advise you on what we need from you right from the word go. A production is only as good as its plan so we put a lot of effort into pre-production planning, making sure we know what to expect and how to deal with it. This in turn means that you can get on with your event safe in the knowledge that we are making YOUR VIDEO awesome. 

Take a browse through some of our favourite event videos below:

William Grant & Sons Welcome to Scotland Party - Tales On Tour Edinburgh. Released HERE

The William Grant & Sons 'Highland Festival 2015' video. 6 Teams, 1 amazing prize! Originally posted HERE.

Documentation video of the London event Best Of Britannia. 

William Grant & Sons Cocktail Competition "Winner Takes All".  Officially released on Facebook HERE.

The worlds first ever 24 hour cocktail competition! A record breaker and quite a long night... Event documentation for Reyka Vodka. 

Reyka Vodka cocktail competition held in the ambassador, Joe Petch's living room!